Meet Ashley

A Dynamic Addition to the Brooke Taylor Coaching Team

As the newest member of the Brooke Taylor Coaching team, Ashley brings her expertise as an ICF-Certified Transformational Career Coach, with a unique background in psychology, neuroscience, and behavior. 


She specializes in empowering individuals who are at the crossroads of their careers, helping them to craft inspiring career pivots, raise their confidence, and communicate with confidence


Before transitioning into coaching, Ashley built her career in creative media production, working with brands such as Nestle, Kraft Heinz, and PepsiCo across North America and EMEA within a fast-growing startup


Her approach to career coaching is rooted in evidence-based psychological frameworks. She seamlessly blends person-centered coaching, transactional analysis, positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral coaching, and parts work to provide a holistic and personalized coaching experience for her clients


This multifaceted approach ensures a comprehensive and customized coaching experience for clients from diverse industries, including technology, media, communication, education, and consumer packaged goods.


With Ashley’s addition to the team, clients can look forward to uncovering the patterns that may be hindering progress and helping them to reconstruct a new paradigm of success that is internally driven.

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