Healing the Success Wound

Coaching and Digital Course to Understand....

the real reason you’re stuck in your career
and get proven steps to reclaim your fulfillment, self-worth, and career clarity.

Tell me, does this sound familiar?

  • You never feels good enough unless you’re constantly achieving and producing
  • You kill it at what I do, but have stayed in your comfort zone for too long because you’re scared to fail at something new.
  • Feel lost and question your career path and your capabilities.
  • You work hard and play hard. You want to live life to the fullest, but still feel like something’s missing.
  • You feel most secure when others approve of you. You will go against your boundaries to rescue a project, or go above and beyond for others

All of these experiences are caused by
your success wound

The Success Wound

The success wound is the pain that comes from mistaking your success for your self-worth.
It is an unconscious belief that your worthiness of love and belonging is contingent upon what you achieve, produce, or do, rather than who you are.


Healing the Success Wound Course:
Here’s what you’ll cover

  • Diagnose how your success wound was formed and how it operates within you today
  • Identify your primary unfulfilled achiever archetype to understand how the success wound manifests in your life
  • Daily exercises and tools to help you heal your success wound and step into a new paradigm of success
  • Rewrite and reclaim your new definition of success outside of Patriarchal and Capitalistic notions

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90% of clients seeking a new job landed one or received a badass promotion
Negotiated raises upwards of 25%
Changed career paths entirely at age 40
Launched businesses that landed multiple rounds of funding
Lead teams and transformed their leadership style
Healed from crippling burnout


Called in the love of their life
Improved communication with family members
Set boundaries and transformed relationships with family
Moved to dream cities
Built new self care habits that increased energy and vitality
Boosted confidence and comfort in their own skin
Eliminated chronic anxiety