July 25, 2022

Healing Our Success Wounds, Sobriety, And Socialized Self-Identity

In this episode with Brooke Taylor, we talk about our socialized self identities, the old and new paradigms of success, what it will take to heal our individual and collective success wounds, and a thing we have in common. We break down what the Success Wound is, how it drives drives everything from unfulfillment and manic ambition, to greed, corruption, and thirst for power-over, and we explore the question am I projecting my definition of success onto someone else?

“I really do believe that individual healing is collective healing. It has to start in the micro and what that means is having everyone answer that question of ‘How did I define success growing up? Is my definition of success about power over or control over others? Is it about ego or is it about process?’ Is it about service, about something greater than yourself?” — Brooke Taylor