May 7, 2023

Open Coaching Session + The Success Wound™ with Brooke Taylor

Today I sit down with a very special guest who has profoundly helped me to revolutionise the way I live by exploring what she calls, my ‘Success Wound™’. Introducing, career and transformational life coach, Brooke Taylor. Brooke was named a ‘top career coach to watch’ by the Australian Business Journal in 2021, is a former Googler and winner of the Google Global Sales Award. She co-founded and coached a team that created over $100 million in value to clients such as SoulCycle, Equinox, Santander, BNY Mellon Bank, NYU, J.Jill… needless to say the list goes on. She did this whilst also advising the launch and growth of thousands of businesses online.

In this episode we start out by having an open coaching session around my process for creating this podcast. Brooke then explains IFS (Dick Schwarz’s Internal Family Systems) and explains her journey to becoming a coach and discovering the phenomenon that plagues Western society, which she coined the ‘Success Wound™’.