march 3, 2o23

Fashion Journal: I’m Sick of Downplaying My Career Successes

Publication: Fashion Journal

For those pondering the phrase, tall poppy syndrome is a cultural phenomenon in which people sabotage others who are perceived to have reached success in various aspects of life. It can happen from high school, and you might experience it at different points throughout your career. And for an individual susceptible to feelings of imposter syndrome, it can be highly effective if executed savagely enough.


If you’re experiencing tall poppy syndrome in the workplace or beyond, I’ve asked an expert for some advice on overcoming it. Brooke Taylor is an award-winning transformational career coach and a global speaker supporting conscious female leaders and the globe’s leading tech and financial organisations. (Essentially, she’s a boss). I’m going to make a conscious effort to adopt her counsel, and I’d be so happy if you could, too.