March 24, 2023

Hip and Healthy: Career Coach To The Elite Shares How to Break a Career Funk

Publication: Hip and Healthy

A career funk is difficult to spot from the outside, but when you’re in one, you know it. That grey cloud settles over your work day, blocking motivation, focus and inspiration. When your friends ask “How’s work”, you shrug and change the subject. You start to wonder if work always feels this drab or if there’s something wrong with you. 


You’re not alone. A meagre 9% of UK workers report feeling enthused by their work and workplace in 2022, falling below the European average of 14%, according to a Gallup survey


Award-winning Career Coach, Brooke Taylor, is a global speaker and transformational career coach supporting conscious female leaders and the globe’s leading tech and financial organisations. She is the coach of some of the top female leaders at Goldman Sachs, Coinbase, Google, Salesforce, and McKinsey across the globe.