January 27, 2023

As The Tech Industry Faces Global Layoffs Career Coach Reveals How To Pivot Being Laid Off

Publication: Women Love Tech

Meet Brooke Taylor. She’s a global speaker and transformational career coach supporting conscious female leaders and the globe’s leading tech and financial organizations. Brooke is the coach of the top female leaders at Goldman Sachs, Coinbase, Google, Salesforce, McKinsey, across the globe.

Brooke helps transform the lives and careers of high-achieving female leaders. Previously a marketing lead at Google, she understands the corporate climate first hand from years of experience, helping over 5,000 women through her private coaching, and corporate trainings. LA based Brooke, previously located in Sydney, was awarded The Top Career Coach by The Australian Business Review.

Here, Brooke explains the importance of decoupling your identity from work, how to manage workplace boundaries, and how to pivot the recent tech layoffs to your advantage!