february 3, 2023

Resenteeism Is The New Workplace Trend Defining A Generation Of Unfulfilled Workers

Publication: Women’s Health

First it was December and we were all willing ourselves to the finish line, even if we had to crawl, just to see 2022 shuffle off its mortal coil. But after what seems like the longest month, the brief holiday break (for those who were fortunate to have one) is all but a distant memory.


Only a month into the year, it seems that for many those grievances of the past have once again reared their heads in the workplace and are a lot harder to shake off even despite the blank page of the calendar. For those who found themselves dragging their feet with the return to the office, you’re not alone. It’s this feeling of resignation and unhappiness that has seen a new workplace phenomenon take over the trends of yesteryear – yes, quiet quitting, we’re looking at you.