May 25, 2021

Women Leaders On How To Build Inclusive Team Culture

Publication: Crunchbase

Brooke Taylor, founder and executive coach at Brooke Taylor Coaching, a company that helps ambitious women advance in leadership, and advises ambitious businesses that want to advance diverse leaders.

How I’ve Built an Inclusive Culture: As a coach to female leaders and consultant to businesses that want to advance female leaders and people of color, I encourage my clients to build allyship and sponsorship into their model for what a great leader is. Sponsorship is what actually moves the needle for women and people of color to step into positions they might not ordinarily. It makes a measurable, human difference to sponsorship and allyship into how you operate as a leader, as well as your expectations for leaders at your company.

The Results I’ve Seen: As a solopreneur operating a truly global business, I bring in a lot of contractors and collaborators from diverse backgrounds to inform how my company services its global and diverse clients. Additionally, my payment structure for career coaching is a sliding scale because I want to ensure that people can access quality coaching who don’t have as much access to resources due to patriarchal and white systems of oppression.