Can I share something personal?

Welcome to some of the new faces here! And welcome back to all our regular community members!

Today I want to share a really personal story with you. Something that used to cause me a lot of shame but today is my greatest asset (and I truly never thought I’d say that).

For years I lived a double life. My life looked something like this…

Work super hard Monday through Thursday in my job at Google…
chasing acknowledgement from my manager, quietly competing with my teammates in my head, and living for praise from my clients.

Feeling trapped by the inescapable looping thoughts in my head that whispered “You’re not doing enough. Everyone’s passing you by.”

Desperate for relief, I would dive into partying Friday through Sunday, feeling most alive in a dimly lit bar, feeding off of attention from strangers…

…and wake up exhausted and anxious Sunday morning. And do it all again Monday.

You see, I thought this Work-Hard-Play-Harder strategy was making me successful. After all, it had worked for a while!

I had all the trappings of a “successful” career and life: the sexy job, great bank account, an enviable Instagram grid, friends, and fabulous vacations.

But on the inside, I felt empty. Bankrupt.

Little did I know it was this exact Work-Hard-Play-Hard strategy that was secretly sabotaging my chances of long-term career success and the fulfillment and contentment I deeply desired.

Now maybe these external circumstances of my story don’t resonate with you, but the feelings do. Tell me…

➡️ Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work or try, it never feels like enough? You never feel like enough?

➡️ Do you live in your comfort zone, watching other people bravely live out your dreams and wish you could find the courage to do the same?

➡️ Are you haunted by the voice in your head that says “If you relax, you’ll lose your edge. Keep pushing”?

First, please know you’re not alone.

Second, there’s a way out to greater fulfillment and purpose than you could even possibly imagine.  Here’s exactly what to do:

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