3 Ways To Improve Your Energy Management

Way back when we could go to cafes ☕️ (and when I could drink 3 iced coffees without consequence), I was struggling with finding the energy or motivation to get through the day at Google. Yes, perhaps it was my caffeine dependence that set in shortly after giving up alcohol but it was actually a consequence of being unaware of the impact certain tasks, conversations, and friendships had on my energy.

Just when I needed it, I learned a tool that changed my life: An Energy Audit.📝 Here’s how it works:⠀

Look at your Calendar for tomorrow. Identify the tasks that drain your energy. You know it’s an energy drain if it leaves you more depleted than when you started and if you struggle to get into a sense of flow or excitement.

Apply the 3 B’s:⠀

🤍Better It: Identify a way to improve the task: do it with someone, time-bound the activity, use a reward, listen to a podcast etc. But ACTUALLY improve it. Don’t just say “I’ll get a latte after the meeting with a terrible client” unless that’s truly making the task better.

🤍Barter It – Does this HAVE to be done by me? Who can I delegate this to? Can I pay someone to do this? Can I call in a favor?

🤍Bury It- Toss it out. More times than not, something draining can be thrown out, or a boundary can be set. Don’t be afraid to call it quits if it’s going to drain more than it’s going to give. This might sound radical (“What? How could I just NOT do that project?”) but remember, everything that’s in your life you are actively choosing. It’s a choice to set a boundary and push back too. You have autonomy as a sovereign being. Own it!

This Energy Audit will allow you to step more into your integrity because you’re using your body as a compass for your Truth 🧭 Repeat this for 3 weeks and I guarantee you will have more energy than ever before.