The Most Common Misconception That High-Achievers Have About Success.

Here’s the thing most conscious, high-achievers miss about success: They think success requires hustle, sacrifice, and overwhelm. When in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 


At its core, most people want success because they want to FEEL some combination of contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. 

They also think that success is a destination; it’s a place they ARRIVE at. 

Therefore they believe the the Promised Land of Success is a land far, far away. They believe have a lot of difficult ground to cover to get there. So they armor up, ready for a bloody battle of hustle, sacrifice, and overwhelm as they trudge the road towards the elusive Promised Land…that they never seem to arrive at anyway. 

But this fable is the Old Way. This definition of success keeps you forever chasing the elusive Promised Land and stuck in cycles of overwhelm, low confidence, and aimlessness.


Multiple traditions of ancient wisdom describe a force that humans can tap into. But it’s not the type of force you’ve been using.

It’s a Universal Force available to everyone. Some call this Universal Force “flow”, others call it “passion” or “inspiration”. 

 It’s a return to old wisdom around alignment, and when things are in alignment, there is a flow. When you’re in flow, you’re gliding, you’re riding. It’s downstream, not upstream. It feels natural, joyful, exciting. 

Like the Force in Star Wars , you’re harnessing what’s already within you, and among us. Luke Skywalker doesn’t feel like he’s hustling. He feels on purpose, he feels engaged and powerful. 

Aligning to this Universal Force or Flow means you’re never drained, never tired, because you’re being pulled forward in an effortless way. 


  • Alignment between your intuition and your actions. 
  • Surrendering and letting go the need to control 
  • Trusting yourself, life, and the Universal Flow itself

This is a radically different way to work. I wasn’t sure if it would work either. When I was clawing my way up the corporate ladder at Google, I was burnt out from trying to get-get-get and looking for a better way to work that felt more in integrity and easeful. I thought “there’s got to be a better way here!”

A day later, I turned on a podcast and heard the speaker say , “There is a Universal Current of love and support all around you. This Universal Current is far more powerful than any force of your own”

My jaw hit the floor and something inside my heart opened up. This made sense to me. I couldn’t rationalize it or prove it, but I had enough of my own life evidence to support the idea that I was always being guided and taken care of (even in the darkest moments, and trust me there were plenty).

I started tuning into my intuition. I started trusting Her impulses and taking action that She told me to take.

I started seeing my clients as equals, not as a subject of my subtle control and manipulation. (I was in sales, and a lot of sales requires subtle manipulation if you’re not super intentional)

I surrendered my agendas, my goals, and my intentions to this Universal Flow.


My clients wanted to do more business with me. My colleagues started pulling me in for more projects. I won awards. I got promoted. My confidence soared. My satisfaction increased. I felt powerful in a clear way.

When I came up against disbelief and imposter syndrome (how could it really be this good? If I didn’t work my ass off for it, I don’t deserve recognition), I did “The Work” to release this belief and realign myself with this Universal Flow. Things got good. Really good. And continue to do so. That doesn’t mean I don’t frequently fall into the trap of “If Im not working as much as my consultant fiancé then I’m lazy” trap. I do. But I have the resources and tools to tune back into my intuition and into the Universal Flow. I take aligned action, which is far more efficient than hustle. It’s also far more rewarding because it feels like I’m co-creating something bigger than myself with a teacher who knows a whole lot more than I do.

This is what’s possible for you. I believe we can create anything we want. Truly. You have choice and agency in the experience you have of work and of life. This idea is freeing because that’s what Truth feels like: Liberation.

This is how we change systems, organizations, and structures: through claiming our choice for freedom. If you want to speak more about how you can create this for yourself through coaching, apply for an intro call here.

Here for your liberation and unbelievable success!