Quiet Quitting – The Real Reason You’re Unmotivated At Work 

Can I share something with you?

If you’re feeling apathetic, and unmotivated with work…

There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken.

There is a culture of shame developing around not giving 110% at our work and this is now being given the name ‘quiet quitting’.

What is quiet quitting?

For most employees, quiet quitting means not taking on additional work nor going above and beyond by staying late and not volunteering for new projects that go beyond their job scope.

Here is how I think about quiet quitting.

Disengaging from work is a symptom of your Success Wound™.

The Success Wound™ is the pain that comes from mistaking your success for self-worth.

When we mistake our success for our self-worth, we’re constantly disengaging from work when we don’t feel valued, when we feel we are overworked and burned out.

This is caused by chasing external validation or that sense of worthiness outside ourselves.

When we start to heal our Success Wound™ and transition our self-esteem from externally dependent to intrinsically defined, then suddenly we step into a new paradigm for success.

Driven forward by genuine self-esteem, a desire for impact and contribution.
When you’re in that place, you…

  • Jump out of bed in the morning, feeling so lit up by your work
  • Know when to raise your hand for a project because it aligns with your interests, passions, and strengths
  • Clearly communicate workplace boundaries for sustainable work/life integration
  • Know your value comes from within, not without


Because you’re lit up by the work you do, confident and secure in the skin, and you’ve redefined success to be about what you want to contribute, not what people think of you.

When I hear someone quiet quitting what I really want them to do is heal their Success Wound™ and step into a new paradigm of conscious success.

Conscious success is the state of lasting fulfillment, contentment, and purpose that comes from following the directions of your internal guidance system.

This is exactly what I teach my incredible clients how to do every day.

One of my tools that can help you with this is centering yourself through meditation.

As a special thank you for your support, I’d like to gift you a free meditation.

This meditation helps to calm your brain when you experience racing, anxious, or scattered thoughts.

It can be done at any time of the day, but clients find it most helpful to do in the afternoon when focus is dwindling!.

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Your Career Coach.
Brooke Taylor