The Time I Lost $100,000

Let me tell you about the mistake I made that cost my company $100,000 😳

Let’s take it all the way back to 2016…

I was an Account Manager working in advertising at Google.

I was up for promotion and hustling to close a $3M deal.

My Success Wound told me that if I wasn’t hustling to close this deal, then I wouldn’t be successful.

If I wasn’t successful, then I wasn’t good enough.

If I wasn’t good enough, then I felt deep subconscious self-loathing that I would numb with alcohol, food, and toxic relationships.

The result?

      • I closed the deal but I ruined my reputation with the client because I was pushing too hard.

      • I dropped balls because I was afraid to open my email.

      • I once was so overwhelmed and burnout that I even made a mistake that cost the company $100K.

    I hit a breaking point. I couldn’t live like this anymore.  After a lot of healing, recovery, and spiritual growth I learned something that profoundly changed the way I work and live:


    When I BE in alignment with my highest self, I am utterly unstoppable.

    You heard that right. I am more productive, more efficient, more confident, more inspired, more motivated, and more magnetic than when I “hustle to make things happen” out of sheer will.

    Here’s how I started to work instead:

        • I looked at my quarter ahead and set a crystal clear intention: to serve my clients and have fun doing it. That meant no more extra projects, I turned down pointless internal meetings, delegated where I needed to, ruthlessly prioritized…and laughing every single day.

        • I did about 5 hours of deep work per day and left when I was done. Yep. I didn’t stick around just to appear busy. This allowed me to go to recovery meetings, a 4pm yoga class, and work on my side hustle.

        • I became obsessed with mastering skills that I was excited about: public speaking, and coaching. I was single-minded in my pursuit of these skills.

        • I showed up to all meetings prepared not only with my agenda and notes, but also energetically prepared. I would align with my highest self through taking deep breaths, reminding myself of my inherent value, and my intention (see point 1).

      As a result, I…

          • received a ‘Superb’ performance rating (top 5% of employees at my level)

          • received a 25% raise

          • promoted into a Team Lead manager role

          • lost weight, gained energy and self-confidence

          • No longer bothered by The politics and pity grievances


        See, I was working ‘hard’, meaning I was working intentionally, and strategically and with crystal clear focus.

        It doesn’t need to be so hard.

        START Being more:

            • Be crystal clear on your intention

            • Be obsessed with the process being one of enjoyment, fulfillment,

            • Have fun along the way

            • Bring your healthy self to the table, park your anxious hustler at the door.

          STOP Doing more:

              • Trying to ‘save the day’ by taking on more work and responsibility because you identify as the top performer

              • Hustling to make things happen

              • Overworking to prove your worth to people you don’t even care about

              • Associating your worth with your productivity

              • Living in endless fear of being perceived as incompetent

            —> DO LESS AND BE MORE.

            Speaking of which, doing less, being more and healing our Success Wound is what I spoke about in a recent podcast interview 🎧.

            In this episode of Curate Conversations we talk about our socialized self identities, the old and new paradigms of success, what it will take to heal our individual and collective Success Wounds, and a thing we have in common.

            We break down what the Success Wound is, how it drives everything from unfulfillment and manic ambition, to greed, corruption, and thirst for power-over, and we explore the question, am I projecting my definition of success onto someone else?

            Click the link below to listen!

            Healing Our Success Wound


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