Brooke Taylor is the founder and global expert of the "Success Wound™".​

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The Success Wound Brooke Taylor Coach

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The Success Wound™ is...

The pain that comes from mistaking your success for your self-worth. 

Do you conflate your worthiness of love with what you do, achieve, or produce, rather than who you are?

After coaching and listening to thousands of high-achieving people, I realized that this Success Wound™ is universal, though it varies in shape and severity. 


the success wound and burnout - brooke taylor

Abandoning Your True Self

The Success Wound™ occurs when an individual abandons their True ‘self’ in pursuit of an ideal of success that their in-group (family, culture, company, society, community) expects.

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As a result, the individual creates a socialized self identity in response to the opinions, reactions, and expectations of their in-group. What happens? A dependence on extrinsic approval for self-worth. 

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Abandoning Your True Self

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The Success Wound occurs when an individual abandons their True ‘self’ in pursuit of an ideal of success that their in-group (family, culture, company, society, community) expects.

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As a result, the individual creates a socialized self identity in response to the opinions, reactions, and expectations of their in-group. What happens? A dependence on extrinsic approval for self-worth. 

the success wound and burnout - brooke taylor
what is the success wound - brooke taylor coaching

Creating a Socialized-Self Identity

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The decision to value and act from the Socialized-self identity over the True Self is often a subconscious one, and driven by the human need to avoid shame and to find belonging.

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As the Socialized-self identity is reinforced through approval and belonging over a lifetime, the splinter between the Socialized Self and the True Self grows into a gaping wound, we call this the Success Wound™.


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The Success Wound™
can be diagnosed and healed.

Capitalism and patriarchal systems reinforce individual’s Success Wounds™ by forwarding the lie that amassing success, wealth, and power leads to life fulfillment. This is especially true for women.

Have you experienced
any of the following?

  • You feel burnt out and exhausted from overworking, from carrot-chasing, and from the constant voice that says ‘If you relax a bit you’ll lose your edge”
  • You have a case of the ‘When-I-Have’s”:You say “When I have the promotion, then I’ll look for the job I really want.” or “When I have finished this project, I’ll slow down”
  • You read self-help books and listen to peak-performance podcasts and want to believe that you can have a life and career of meaning, but your fear of failure stops you before you start.
  • You are paralyzed by the fear of not living up to your potential and have a nagging fear of waking up with regret when it’s too late. 
  • Your partner and friends are tired of hearing you talk about how much you hate your job. When they suggest you do something about it, you agree, but a voice inside doubts that you can really make the change.
  • You fail to prioritize your self-care and health: skip the gym AGAIN because you’re working late AGAIN and promise you’ll go tomorrow, but you never do
  • You rarely take time off and when you do, your head is foggy and full of dread about going back
  • Your self-trust and self-esteem is eroding in other areas of life. You look to other people for guidance because you don’t trust your own judgment.

Did you answer yes to any of the above?

The Success Wound™ is the underlying root cause that secretly sabotages female leaders from having the career (and life!) of their dreams.

the success wound brooke taylor executive coach

Imagine if our world defined success not in terms of power, consumerism, and wealth, but in terms of inclusion, self-love, community, and reverence for the earth? Imagine what would happen if women rejected society’s ideal for what a ‘successful’ woman looked like and created their own definition?

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How It Works...

Your Path to Restore the True Self

Healing the Success Wound™ means to restore the True Self through healing trauma and shame. When the True Self is restored, the individual’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are governed by the True Self, rather than the Socialized or the Wounded Self. 

When the True Self is leading, a new paradigm of Conscious Success is embodied.

Conscious Success is the state of contentment, fulfillment and power  that comes from pursuing the goals and direction of the True Self. 

This radical new concept of success is the antidote to the Success Wound™.

Process over outcome.


Impact over profit.


Flow over hustle.

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4 Steps to healing the Success Wound™ and restoring lasting fulfillment.

I have developed a 4-step process to heal the Success Wound™ that has been trialed, honed, and proven across hundreds of individual coaching clients and groups. 

Like any wound, there needs to be a diagnosis, a declared future a healing process, and re-emerging into the world.



Like any wound, we need to first assess its size, shape, and depth in order to give the best treatment. This includes discerning the choices and remembering the traumas that caused you to favor the Socialized Self identity over the True Self.


You might be wondering “How did I get here? What are the limiting beliefs about success and my worth that are keeping me stuck?” This is where we start.



This is where the rubber meets the road. Most people have been operating in such a state of unconsciousness at work and in their life that they have lost who they are and what they want. They’ve lost their connection to their inner knowing and guidance that comes from the True Self.


In the Vision stage, you will gain an embodied understanding of your True Self, what THAT self wants, and design an internally-guided vision for the career and life you never thought possible that inspires you to take aligned action.

the success wound brooke taylor online coaching



Repair and heal the causes and conditions that lead to your breakdown/breakthrough so that you can sustainably achieve your vision without sabotage and burnout.


This can be done through challenging the false beliefs about success that keep you stuck, forgiving the traumas of the past, and learning to feel safe embodying the True Self.


This is a critical step that cannot be shortchanged, skipped, or done alone. This is where hiring a coach is critical for lasting healing.



You’re in the same skin, but you’re no longer the same self. Take the exciting steps to activate your vision (step 2) and manifest the life and career that actually feels fulfilling.

This is where you will embody a new Paradigm of success, free from your Success Wounding™, and full of conscious success.

If you are ready to do the deep work.....

…to heal your patterns caused by your Success Wound, book a call now! We can diagnose your Success Wound together and identify some quick wins to support you in a new vision for success that actually feels fulfilling.

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